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We are a modern sales focused company who specialise in wholesale distribution and building brand reputation. We place a strong emphasis on our customer relationships and brand promotion in able to promote strong brand sell through. DI Music maintains a small number highly curated international brands within the Australian music industry.

We approach our sales and distribution with a focus on marketing and promoting our brands through every available touch point. This includes a mix of traditional offline methods and proven cost-effective online alternatives.

We are experienced wholesale and sales professionals that have a genuine passion for music and the industry. We are a sales driven company with a proven track record in successfully launching and or growing brands within Australia.

We are traditionally a wholesale company, but can also offer companies commissioned sales services.  In an effort to grow and expand our model is always evolving, although the pillars of our business is built around strong relationships with our dealers a and continuous promotion of our brands. We try and reach and engage with our customers through all available touch points.

We are upfront, honest and extremely analytical. We strategically place our brands in market utilising their own strong USP’s and we focus on the strengths of the product. In taking on a new brand we compile market research on their market segments and plan a launch strategy to enter the brand in the market.

We service accounts all across Australia and New Zealand. We have on ground professional sales representatives and agents that give us coverage of all of Australia.

DI Music was founded in 2016, DI Music has now established themselves as one of the fastest growing companies within the Australian Musical Instrument industry. We now deal with over 140 accounts nationally which is growing constantly.

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